I wish to raise an important point, some may disagree others may not, but I wanted to talk about this as it affected me personally.. The other night at a local photography club event I personally felt some of the entries in the competition had crossed a line..

This line was using flash Photography on Nocturnal animals, I did make my concerns known to our group on the night but I wanted to put a post up to hopefully educate others on this issue.

In my opinion using flash on an animal at night that is not used to it is a big NO and anyone who choose’s to do so should not consider themselves a wildlife photographer, as I feel you have zero respect for the creature you are trying to capture.. 

The Shots in question where of Barn Owls Flying at night, as you may or may not be aware these stunning creatures can loose their dark adaptation for at least next 30-40 minutes? and could affect its ability to Fly Safe / Hunt…

My concern is raised from someone trying to copy this technique and potentially killing a bird all to win a competition.

Do you agree? Do you not agree?

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