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Why I love Landscape

Shooting landscapes forces you to get outside and find the beauty around you. I love the way you end up discovering places right in front of your eyes that you just never noticed were beautiful before. Other times this means exploring new places and getting out on a hike or nature walk. Even if I don’t come back with images that excite me, I’m always better for having gotten out in the fresh air. It also pushes me to explore new places that I might not have discovered otherwise.

Ultimately, shooting landscapes allows me to capture the magic and awe that is our world. Not only does it get me out to see some of the more wondrous beauty of the world, like sunrise over the Hornsea Beach or the most glorious sunsets in Scotland, but it also has taught me to see the extraordinary in the more simple beauty of my local surroundings where a lone stone, curve of a path or simple reflection could make a stunning subject.

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